Saturday, November 12, 2011

Citrine - Traditional Birthstone for November

I love November - it's a wonderful month full of beginnings of family get togethers, weather changes, and did I mention my birthday? Yep, I'm a Scorpio true and true. Although, I still wear my flip-flops (at least going to the mailbox)it is time for sweaters and hot tea. Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas lists are already in progress. Yes, November is one of my favorite months. Be safe and enjoy the holidays!

The month of November's traditional birthstone is Citrine. It is also the anniversary gemstone for second year of marriage.

There are Citrine designs at To Be Me Jewelry to select just in time for gifting. At checkout enter code ~~ Happy Holidays ~~ for a 20% discount on your order. This special discount will expire December 31st - order early in time to get it for the holidays. There is free shipping in the USA - standard shipping only -again a word to the wise order early.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do You Try To Buy MADE IN THE USA?

Everywhere I go there is an underlying buzz of conversation about the economy.  I know one of the things we could do to help is buy Made in the USA. I say "we" because I need to learn to buy Made in the USA more, too. Last month, I decided to purchase a new alarm clock ~~I wanted one that was USA made. I googled it and found nothing that fit what I needed. Isn't that sad? It's time to support our own country. Perhaps, if we bought more American products it would create more jobs. One way is to support local artisans. There are so many out there with beautiful products. Just a thought...Ok now ~ stepping off my soapbox...

My October Special is In Flight Silver Earrings at 40% off.

Multi-gemstones dangling and in flight on sterling silver. Length 2 1/2 inches.
Free Shipping in the USA.
To Be Me Jewelry
Was $38.00 for October ONLY $22.80

Thanks....Sale is done!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Diva of Whimsy - Tracy Swartz

This artist is so unique that I needed to chit-chat about her creativity.

Every time I go to Tracy Swartz’s website it just tickles me pink. Tracy Swartz's creative adventures with her art will make you smile. You will certainly want one of her creations either for yourself or for a gift. Tracy is an artist designing gourds into people and animals. One of my favorites is The Electric Barbarellas gourds. Tracy designed these dolls for The Electric Barbarellas as part of their special indiExhibit gift bag. The Electric Barbarellas is a girl band on a MTV reality show. Tracy will design one of these Fairy Gourdarellas just for you.

The Electric Barbarella Gourds

Does the creativity stop at her awesomeness with gourds? Don’t be silly…of course not. Tracy writes poetry and books. Tracy is in the process of releasing a new book soon. Tracy has a unique style of writing and talking that I call Tracyisms. So what are you waiting for check Tracy Swartz out!



Saturday, October 1, 2011

GBK Productions - 63rd Primetime Gift Lounge and a little CHIT-CHAT

It was exciting to be able to participate with The indiExhibit group at the GBK Productions 63rd Primetime Emmy Gift Lounge in LA this year. It was the first year To Be Me Jewelry experienced celebrities enjoying my designs and becoming friends with a wonderful group The indiExhibit.
It was wonderful to see celebrities like Randee Heller choosing my “Moments” Lapis Necklace as a favorite. Randee Heller is an amazing actress best known at the moment as Don Draper’s elderly secretary Ida Blankenship on Mad Men.
The lovely Randee Heller
Rico Rodriguez was also present at The indiExhibit display holding my Lapis Necklace. Rico is presently in the role of Manny (I'm sure you know this already) of Modern Family. What a sweetie pie! I have a feeling he is quite the sweetie to everyone around him. His Mother is doing a good job! Keep it going..

Rico Rodriguez

Christa B. Allen of Revenge in the role of Charlotte Grayson. Christa has been in quite a few roles for her young years.... remember 13 Going On 30? How about Suite Life On Deck (my son LOVES this show) and another kid favorite Wizards of Waverly Place in the role of Daphne. It was wonderful to know my necklace caught her eye....  I have a feeling we will be seeing Christa for many years to come.
Christa B. Allen

Of course a photo of the culprit..."Moments" Lapis Gold filled Necklace.

Do you have your own business? Would love to experience wonderful artisans who are bringing their designs to a new level please join The tell them To Be Me Jewelry sent 'cha!

Friday, September 16, 2011

63rd Primetime Emmy Awards 2011

This year I was invited to join The indiExhibit a collective group of artisans coming together to bring their art to a new level. We have the opportunity to bring our designs and art to the best Hollywood gift lounges. 

I decided to go for it and design Labradorite Dream Earrings in sterling silver and goldfill to be sent through The indiExhibit to the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards. So my friends here are a couple of photos...

Length 1 inch

I have met some wonderful talented people in The indiExhibit! 
So who will be watching the Emmys???

Available in:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Facebook News Feed

I've been on Facebook for a good while now. I've never organized my News Feed or friends. Recently, I seem to have gathered quite a sum of peeps! I notice as my "peeps" grow not all may like everything that I have to say. I have broken down my peeps into groups so they don't get bombarded with posts that they may not care about. My groups consist of old high school friends, artist friends, co-worker friends, friends, family. What's nice is that these groups can also be added to another group, too.  It's also easy after this organization to click a group in the News Feed and see just what that group of peeps are up to. I like to share how things are made for instance when I make a new jewelry design...sooo....I just share with my artist friends. This way not everyone has to endure my ramblings of jewelry posts. You get the idea?

So here's the deal:
1. Go to Edit Friends

2. Create a list (friends, family, artist friends, etc.)

3. Add all your friends, family, groups, etc.

4. Go to your News Feed, click on Most Recent and a drop down menu will appear You select what list you want to show up in your news feed ~ select.

I am no expert in using Facebook but I thought this may be a start for someone out there in Facebookland to follow.

Monday, September 5, 2011

It's September!

Well, it’s September!  I have notice it’s getting darker earlier now…how sad.  I’ve captured this beautiful butterfly in all its glory.  Summer months will soon be a memory but Autumn will bring new adventures  to explore and so it goes…  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspiration Comes from the Craziest Places...Don't Ya Think?

I am always amazed at where and when inspiration aspires. Recently, I was walking the boards in Avon By the Sea, NJ I notice an array of colors that would make a perfect bracelet. I went home to see what bright color lampwork beads I had in my boxes. There is so much beauty to admire here at the Jersey shore but this day I picked out this….hah! Crazy, right?

Just to show you real beauty just on the left where I was standing to take this photo is this...

                                          Avon by the Sea, NJ a week before Memorial Day. Empty with a few locals. Next week this beach will be quite busy!

I walked over to Belmar's beach and captured these sweeties!

Where does YOUR inspiration come from? What do YOU do with it?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Name These Earrings! Giveaway...

Listen up, Beadheads...Help me name these earrings. If I chose your name I will send a pair to you! One simple rule...You must "like" To Be Me Jewelry on facebook and leave the name. It's that simple. Spread the word to your friends, too!    

Designed with petite Carnelian, Chalcedony, sterling silver composite beads adding a touch of Boho charm.
Length 1 1/2 in. Handcrafted earwires. 
Earrings are not on To Be Me Jewelry's website yet....waiting for the "perfect" name.  Will be available for purchase May 22nd.  Giveaway will end May 21st. Winner to be announced May 22nd.                                                                  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

10 Wire Bracelet Projects

 My To Be Shore Bangle is featured in Interweave's new eBook - 10 Wire Bracelet Projects .  This eBook is a collection of bracelet projects that were featured from the pages of Step by Step Wire Jewelry. What I enjoyed about this eBook is the different techniques each project presents to the jewelry artist. Check it out ~ I don't think you will be disappointed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Giveaway - Thought Waves Necklace

It's been quite a snowy winter and we definitely need a pick me up! Don't you agree? Time to start thinking spring in my opinion. I got together with Katherine from Our Whiskey Lullaby to offer a giveaway for one of my Thought Waves Necklace. The giveaway is offered to USA residences only. The Thought Waves Necklace giveaway will be offered through March 20th. If you would like to try your luck click over to Our Whiskey Lullaby to read the rules and enter. The winner will receive one of my Thought Waves Necklace of my choice.

Good Luck!

Thought Waves Silver Necklace-Thought Waves necklace,sterling silver, handcrafted jewelry, greco leather, fused silver, Claire DeRosa, ToBeMeJewelry

Friday, January 28, 2011

Button Up Your Overcoat! Brrrrrrrrrr.......

We have quite a snowy winter here in New Jersey.  Many of you already know I love my flip-flops...well, I still walk to the mailbox with them on. I wear my purple paisley Vera Bradley flip-flops everyday in the house. Love her love them! For anyone not knowing me I live by the ocean and think summer all year long. A customer emailed me during the last snow storm and asked if I had  my flip-flops on....yep!

January is a time to relax a little and take time for ourselves. Time to be a little lazy, don't you think? January is a great time to sit with a comfy cozy afghan and catch up reading.

The other day I was in my workshop procrastinating and trying my hardest to brainstorm a new design. I realized I was trying too I turned on the radio loudly and found myself cleaning my workshop.  Perhaps, it wasn't a day to create but to clean. It turned out to be a day where I let things just flow...and it did.

Here are a couple of things that just happened as the day flowed.

Just let life flow...just sayin'
Hey...follow me on facebook To Be Me Jewelry

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year ... A brand new year yippee! Start off the new year thinking positive thoughts. I'm a great believer if you think positive then positive will flow to you.

I will be offering a giveaway in a few weeks. Details will be posted on the blog and on To Be Me Jewelry's facebook  fan page. I thought it would stir up some "positive feelings" about the new year.