Friday, January 28, 2011

Button Up Your Overcoat! Brrrrrrrrrr.......

We have quite a snowy winter here in New Jersey.  Many of you already know I love my flip-flops...well, I still walk to the mailbox with them on. I wear my purple paisley Vera Bradley flip-flops everyday in the house. Love her love them! For anyone not knowing me I live by the ocean and think summer all year long. A customer emailed me during the last snow storm and asked if I had  my flip-flops on....yep!

January is a time to relax a little and take time for ourselves. Time to be a little lazy, don't you think? January is a great time to sit with a comfy cozy afghan and catch up reading.

The other day I was in my workshop procrastinating and trying my hardest to brainstorm a new design. I realized I was trying too I turned on the radio loudly and found myself cleaning my workshop.  Perhaps, it wasn't a day to create but to clean. It turned out to be a day where I let things just flow...and it did.

Here are a couple of things that just happened as the day flowed.

Just let life flow...just sayin'
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