Saturday, October 9, 2010

Songberries Review

Well, my fall wreaths and flowers are out on my porch welcoming a little fall cheer. October weather here in New Jersey has been delightful. I woke up this morning to a very chilly house. The heat is now turned on for the first time this we go soon enough with coats, hats and snow shovels.

Do you need to perk yourself up with some new earrings? Here's a chance to enter Songberries giveaway of my Victorious Pearl Earrings. Go to the rules and enter - so easy! The Victorious Pearl Earrings are a good fit with every outfit. Designed with sterling silver, pearls wrapped delicately around a small hoop. Value $38.00. This giveaway ends on October 16th so go now...yes beadheads now!

Songberries blog is a creation by Carol Harlow. This blog by Carol is full of information about cooking, crafts, family, life and giveaways. It's a colorful blog in more ways than's a beautiful inviting blog to even look at. Reading Songberries has been a pleasure and I'm going there to try to win a giveaway!