Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day 2010!

Well,'s Earth Day! Let's face it, we're certainly not perfect when it comes to taking care of our earth. It's impossible to do everything right. We should once in a while sit back and think about what can I do for the earth. It may be something simple like starting to hang out the laundry on a sunny day. Yes, that's my laundry - be thankful I don't have any gotchie draws out there! Sheets that are dried outside smell wonderful and come alive. Think about how lifeless your clothes are after you use the dryer time and time again. I guarantee you will sleep better with fresh air dried sheets.
Did you ever wonder how Earth Day started? Read this - And...hey there Al Gore do you hang laundry out? Saves energy....I'm just sayin'
I hope you all enjoy the day. Go plant a flower, look up at the sky, count your blessings for all you have. Never take it for granted.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's In a Photo?

What's in a photo? Quite a lot sweeties! My website will be taking on (slowly) a new look. In the coming year I will be experimenting with a new look and new designs. I have so much "stuff"
inside me I feel like I'm going to explode into fireworks! Stay tuned beadheads...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Sunshine Award!

There are several jewelry artists that I admire and inspire me. One of them is Angela Walker of . Angela has a style that is unique and all her own. It's a thrill to have Angela nominate my blog with the Sunshine Award. Please check out Angela's designs on her blog - and also on her website.

Now it's my turn to nominate a few blogs. Truly all the blogs I follow are so outstanding!

When I read Natasha's blog it relaxes me and makes me realize to take the 5 minutes just for me.

I love anything about farms and barns. I also love little prints of anything and Farm Chicks certainly love small prints too! The writing, baking, all inspires me and just makes me feel good.

I was nominated before by MaryAnne but had no idea what to do - now I do! MaryAnne was the first person to comment on my blog and always gives me good vibes. A real sweetheart of a person! ....of course talented too!

An amazing talented jewelry artisan. Kerin Rose has a wonderful spirit and beautiful ways of looking at life. Kerin Rose uses the lost wax technique when designing her jewelry.

All my followers here on this blog I think highly of all of you! Such talented people who share their knowledge, feelings, and life. I appreciate and enjoy all of you.
To the Nominees: If you were chosen for the Sunshine Award you may pass it on to some of your favorite bloggers.
- copy the picture
- let them know you gave them a ray of sunshine
May the sun shine on your blog for a long time Angela! Thanks - you made my day!