Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Sunshine Award!

There are several jewelry artists that I admire and inspire me. One of them is Angela Walker of http://www.angelawalkerjewelry.com/ . Angela has a style that is unique and all her own. It's a thrill to have Angela nominate my blog with the Sunshine Award. Please check out Angela's designs on her blog - http://www.angelawalkerjewelry.blogspot.com/ and also on her website.

Now it's my turn to nominate a few blogs. Truly all the blogs I follow are so outstanding!

When I read Natasha's blog it relaxes me and makes me realize to take the 5 minutes just for me.

I love anything about farms and barns. I also love little prints of anything and Farm Chicks certainly love small prints too! The writing, baking, all inspires me and just makes me feel good.

I was nominated before by MaryAnne but had no idea what to do - now I do! MaryAnne was the first person to comment on my blog and always gives me good vibes. A real sweetheart of a person! ....of course talented too!

An amazing talented jewelry artisan. Kerin Rose has a wonderful spirit and beautiful ways of looking at life. Kerin Rose uses the lost wax technique when designing her jewelry.

All my followers here on this blog I think highly of all of you! Such talented people who share their knowledge, feelings, and life. I appreciate and enjoy all of you.
To the Nominees: If you were chosen for the Sunshine Award you may pass it on to some of your favorite bloggers.
- copy the picture
- let them know you gave them a ray of sunshine
May the sun shine on your blog for a long time Angela! Thanks - you made my day!


  1. Congratulations Claire for achieving such great things with your blog and for winning this award-you deserve it!

    How sweet of you to think of me too! Thank you for saying these beautiful things-you have made my day!

    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you so much Claire!
    Health and happiness,

  3. Thank you so much, Claire! I've turned it back to you because you bring so much sunshine to me and others. Thank you for everything!

  4. I'm laughing out loud!!! You are too funny...I think what I will do is perhaps write about a few other talented bloggers I know in the next few weeks. We all need a shout out once in a while. Take care!