Saturday, October 1, 2011

GBK Productions - 63rd Primetime Gift Lounge and a little CHIT-CHAT

It was exciting to be able to participate with The indiExhibit group at the GBK Productions 63rd Primetime Emmy Gift Lounge in LA this year. It was the first year To Be Me Jewelry experienced celebrities enjoying my designs and becoming friends with a wonderful group The indiExhibit.
It was wonderful to see celebrities like Randee Heller choosing my “Moments” Lapis Necklace as a favorite. Randee Heller is an amazing actress best known at the moment as Don Draper’s elderly secretary Ida Blankenship on Mad Men.
The lovely Randee Heller
Rico Rodriguez was also present at The indiExhibit display holding my Lapis Necklace. Rico is presently in the role of Manny (I'm sure you know this already) of Modern Family. What a sweetie pie! I have a feeling he is quite the sweetie to everyone around him. His Mother is doing a good job! Keep it going..

Rico Rodriguez

Christa B. Allen of Revenge in the role of Charlotte Grayson. Christa has been in quite a few roles for her young years.... remember 13 Going On 30? How about Suite Life On Deck (my son LOVES this show) and another kid favorite Wizards of Waverly Place in the role of Daphne. It was wonderful to know my necklace caught her eye....  I have a feeling we will be seeing Christa for many years to come.
Christa B. Allen

Of course a photo of the culprit..."Moments" Lapis Gold filled Necklace.

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  1. Great post, Claire and fantastic pictures!! We had a great showing from IE at the Emmy's, didn't we? Your necklace is gorgeous, by the way.

  2. Claire you have a fantastic way of bring beauty to something unique. The Emmys rocked and IE is lucky to have such a talented artisan in you! Dawn. Bugs and Bubbles Soap Co

  3. Very nice! Such a great group of celebs were taken with your work and why wouldn't they be? It's lovely!

  4. How exciting this is. A lovely post and your necklace is gorgeous - well done.