Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do You Try To Buy MADE IN THE USA?

Everywhere I go there is an underlying buzz of conversation about the economy.  I know one of the things we could do to help is buy Made in the USA. I say "we" because I need to learn to buy Made in the USA more, too. Last month, I decided to purchase a new alarm clock ~~I wanted one that was USA made. I googled it and found nothing that fit what I needed. Isn't that sad? It's time to support our own country. Perhaps, if we bought more American products it would create more jobs. One way is to support local artisans. There are so many out there with beautiful products. Just a thought...Ok now ~ stepping off my soapbox...

My October Special is In Flight Silver Earrings at 40% off.

Multi-gemstones dangling and in flight on sterling silver. Length 2 1/2 inches.
Free Shipping in the USA.
To Be Me Jewelry
Was $38.00 for October ONLY $22.80

Thanks....Sale is done!

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  1. Beautiful earrings! It is so frustrating that so little is made in the USA these days. I wish it was easy to bring manufacturing back to this country to create jobs and more USA made products at affordable prices! I always feel good when I purchase a handmade item since I know it helps out the artisan. ~Val