Friday, September 9, 2011

Facebook News Feed

I've been on Facebook for a good while now. I've never organized my News Feed or friends. Recently, I seem to have gathered quite a sum of peeps! I notice as my "peeps" grow not all may like everything that I have to say. I have broken down my peeps into groups so they don't get bombarded with posts that they may not care about. My groups consist of old high school friends, artist friends, co-worker friends, friends, family. What's nice is that these groups can also be added to another group, too.  It's also easy after this organization to click a group in the News Feed and see just what that group of peeps are up to. I like to share how things are made for instance when I make a new jewelry design...sooo....I just share with my artist friends. This way not everyone has to endure my ramblings of jewelry posts. You get the idea?

So here's the deal:
1. Go to Edit Friends

2. Create a list (friends, family, artist friends, etc.)

3. Add all your friends, family, groups, etc.

4. Go to your News Feed, click on Most Recent and a drop down menu will appear You select what list you want to show up in your news feed ~ select.

I am no expert in using Facebook but I thought this may be a start for someone out there in Facebookland to follow.

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