Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fusing Sterling Silver

The photo to the left is the start of laying out the design for a cuff. The piece must be clean and fluxed before torching.

I must admit I love messing around with my torches. Fusing sterling silver is still new to me. One of my designs is the Thought Waves Fused Bracelet. Although, the bracelets appear to be the similar in style the fused focal cannot be duplicated exactly. There is a fine line with fusing - either you are successful with the piece or it's a puddle of nothing. I enjoy this challenge!

Several steps go into fusing silver. Using a saw, torch, pickling, oxidizing, hammering, tumbling are all stages of making my "Thought Waves" collection. Currently, my Thought Waves collection consist of the Thought Wave necklace which is unisex, Thought Waves bracelets, and Thought Waves cuff.

So, what's your Thought Waves? Focused, confused, creative, in a frenzy? Pick Thought Waves that fit your personality!

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