Sunday, July 12, 2009

About To Be Me Jewelry

Every woman seeks to define themselves. Over years, as wisdom grows each of us realizes we are all unique. Claire DeRosa, through her own experience learned to feel what was going on inside. What Claire found out is that she is unique and needs to reflect that person and not the people around her. With the philosophy of being true to herself and that the rest of life will flow as it should, Claire launched To Be Me Jewelry. Claire sees all women as unique, strong individuals. The only flaw is women need to take care of themselves more. We need to take a break from being the care giver. Claire’s wish for women of all ages is to find yourself, take care of yourself. To Be Me…is…to be you when you purchase jewelry from To Be Me Jewelry.

An eclectic array of jewelry designs are handcrafted in Claire’s workshop down by the Jerseyshore. Inspiration comes from so many avenues. Living at the Jerseyshore alone is so inspiring. Nature’s colors seem to be the best of course…but then the color of the parkway sign is inspiring too. Claire DeRosa, is mostly self-taught in handcrafting jewelry. Over the years, Claire dabbled in many artistic endeavors that caught her eye, enjoying the dance of all art and definitely bebopping to all the music of creativity.

Featured designer on in March 2009.

The Jewelry Wire Magazine in August 2008 featured a bangle, “To Be Shore”, designed by Claire DeRosa.

In the coming year another design will be featured in a well known magazine.

Claire has been a guest lecturer for jewelry design at a local college.

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