Thursday, February 7, 2013

Awaiting Supplies...

Why is it I wait to order supplies until I'm practically out of whatever I need??? Oh my, oh my...this my beadheads puts me in a ~I have to now clean my workshop mood~ . I'm not a neat freak by no means. My workshop is messy and that's the way I like it! I must admit it is time to get my act together and clean. I started this morning and of course needed so far about five breaks. Here I am blogging away...well, this isn't officially a break, right? This is work, by golly!

I decided this year to up my game and do several craft shows around my area. I also decided to make so great bangles at a really really, I do mean really great price so stay tuned beadheads....

Here is one of the bangles that I designed the other day. You may find it listed at to purchase. A mere $38.00 ~ yep! A wonderful handcrafted deep blue focal bead makes this bangle feel comfy-cozy. All sterling silver and free shipping in the USA to boot!

I must admit I've been neglecting my Etsy Shop lately. I usually use my regular website . I will try my best to get that Etsy Shop in order this year.

What do you think of this bangle called Bebop Lampwork Bangle?

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