Friday, November 30, 2012

Super Storm Sandy 2012

So many people have lost their homes or flooded out by Super Storm Sandy. The shore area where I live has changed overnight. I am sure all of you have been reading about Super Storm Sandy and watching on the news. It's very sad to "not" see the normal shorelines that we all took for granted. I have always thought - we are so lucky to live in New Jersey - nothing happens to us - we're so safe where we live. Wow, was I so wrong!

I know as New Jerseyans we are unique in so many ways. We are very tough, go with the flow and speak our mind without filters (at times). We drive like a burglar in a get-away car and eat like we're going to the electric chair. One thing I know we do love our New Jersey. Our beaches give us good vibes in our heart and soul.

I say a prayer each night for those who have lost so much. There are no other words to say ~ except my words I say privately in my prayers.

We are Jersey strong. Strong people. Good people - no matter young or old - we have it going on!


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