Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Work In Progress ~ Handcrafted Jewelry in it's Making!

Just a little peek of what's on my workbench right now...

Here's ONE, yes one of my containers of lampwork beads. Pretty aren't they?

A couple of bangles I'm working on and bebopping with...I use a copper coil first before using my sterling silver. Less costly mistakes.  I leave them for a couple of days before completing to make sure I like the way they look. Just the way they are...hmmm...reminds me of the Bridget movies.

This is what I was working on this afternoon. I made bracelets like this a few years ago. I decided it was time to do a few again. Easy~Breezy to wear! I can make any colors your little heart desires. So what are you waiting for email me and order now, my Beadheads! Great gift for the holidays. The bracelet is finished with random colors in browns and a different type of green (muted). Love it! Earrings of course to match. I'm working and thinking a little more on how to design the necklace. What do you think? Like it? Love to hear your comments.

Not a great photo :-(  When everything is completed I'll post another photo.

Have a great day!

come see...


  1. Beautiful pieces Claire. Smart move experimenting with the copper wire before using the sterling!

  2. Good Morning, Miss Val! Thank you. Yes, with the prices of silver these days we have to be a bit conservative with our supplies. Hope all is well with you. Claire