Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July ~ 2015

Happy Fourth of July! 
Every July 4th I am reminded I am one more year cancer free! It will be 21 years that I was in the hospital for three weeks. Believe it or not I have funny memories of that time period. Thank goodness the funny memories outweigh  the not so funny memories. I will elaborate on only one for now....
My poor husband! He was taking care of everything and everyone. He is certainly my rock! Trying to take care of our son, taking care of our dog, Ziggy (who we adopted-Ziggy was an abused dog and did not like men). He wouldn't go outside for my husband. It took my husband 3 days to finally get him to go do "his stuff" outside. Ziggy, my little sweetie didn't GO for 3 days - not even inside! She only let me take care of her.
That was not the story I was going to tell! So...
My husband came to see me in the hospital July 4th. He told me he was going to take our son on his family's boat to see the fireworks. He told me he left our son with his cousins on the boat and he was headed back after he visited with me.
The funny thing is...
Our son went back to school and told his teacher that his Dad left him on a boat!
I live by the Jersey shore and LOVE sea glass! I don't usually make or wear awareness jewelry. I decided to try to come up with something a little different.
This is a copper cuff that I hand stamped with SURVIVOR . I attached a piece of white surf tumbled sea glass with a dainty pink Swarovski crystal. It dangles just right!
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