Friday, June 19, 2015

The Year of Learning New Things

I decided this year to take time off from doing shows and just provide new designs online with Etsy and my To Be Me Jewelry website. I felt like I was getting a little stale in what I was creating. Presently, I am having a fun creating new and old designs....feeling renewed!

This is what I have been (pardon the pun)tooling around with...

I decided to buy a stamp set from Beaducation. I love it!
I had some sterling silver flat wire that I have been hoarding for quite awhile. Sooooo...I handcrafted a couple of bangles.

I decided to stick to copper for now since I am sure I will be making LOTS of mistakes. I also like copper jewelry especially when it's oxidized. Copper is a very grounding metal.

The cuffs came out pretty cool ~ don't you think? Since I live by the Jersey shore the sayings go pretty well ~~~~ Make Waves and Seas the Day.  I haven't listed any of the cuffs on my websites yet. I thought I would offer you a little peek in my Claireworld of creativity.

Have a great day....don't forget to wear your flip-flops!

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