Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yike! Oh My Poor Blog!

I have not given any attention to my poor blog! It is just too easy to slip away from blogging these days. There is just too much to do with all these social sites. After awhile, one can just have brain freeze and disappear for a bit. Sometimes, it's a good thing. So here I am trying again to say something. Hmmm.....something! Ha, no not that funny.

I must say it has been quite busy for To Be Me Jewelry. It's fun to do shows and meet new faces and returning customers. At home, family has seemed to take over most of the time. I have a son with multiple disabilities. As he has gotten older his seizures have reappeared and once in a while meltdowns. He is a sweetie and of course can melt my heart with the greatest of ease. I love the fact that he enjoys arts and crafts (like me). He always tells me I'm pretty even when I'm looking my worse!

Yes, life has been a challenge this past year good and not so good.  But, isn't life just wonderful?

I wish you all a wonderful Fall season!


p.s.  I will be back soon!!!!

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