Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Watermelon Bangle

OMGoodness...Although, it's only June, designs are being sketched and created for the fall and holiday season. I'm thrilled to say I am in love with working with fall colors and of course deep read and green. Wearing classic colors for the holidays put me in the spirit. Don't you agree? What is your favorite color for the fall and holidays?

Since you have to wait for the unveiling of a new season ... let's zone in on this sweetie of a bangle. What name shall I call this bangle....of course...the Watermelon Bangle. Not very original but it fits!

Designed with lampwork beads and sterling silver, a handful of pink glass beads. The lampwork beads are handcrafted with a torch and put in a kiln for endurance. No two lampwork beads can be exactly alike. Beautiful bright colors just for the hot summer months. So...measure your wrists and order your Watermelon Bangle. This is a limited edition.

How do you like this bangle?

Please go to ToBeMeJewelry for ordering online.
Take care Beadheads!


  1. I love this bracelet and the colors - it reminds me more of tourmaline than watermelon the fruit - but that's a jewelry maker for you.

    I can't even begin to think about designing for the holidays yet - but you are right, it is just around the corner. Need to start getting ready because once September hits - that's it! Thanks for the reminder!


    1. Hi Lisa ~ I can't even believe it's going to be July 4th next week! I try to keep ahead of the seasons. It doesn't always work out.

      Lisa ~ Love your jewelry, too! Your blog is so friendly Take care!