Monday, May 21, 2012

New Pewter Beads

In the decade of designing my jewelry at To Be Me Jewelry I ALWAYS incorporated only sterling silver and goldfill metals. This weekend I found quality pewter beads. I was blown away with these beads. These beads look like sterling silver! As you all know the prices of silver and gold has sky rocketed in recent years. It's difficult for the small business jewelry artist to "stay alive".  I decided to try these new found pewter beads and see how it goes. I actual think you will not be disappointed either.

The photo below is  my Just Bebopping Bangle designed with glass beads, pewter beads, core and handcrafted clasp sterling silver. To purchase this bracelet please go to To Be Me Jewelry .

What do you think? Like it?


  1. Looks beautiful Claire! I love the clasp. :)

  2. Thanks, Tracy! It's truly a funky bangle.