Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ocean Grove 28th Annual Craft Fair 2010

It's time for the Ocean Grove Craft Fair! It's suppose to be a beautiful day on Saturday, September 4th. It's a great show! There will be over 250 crafters and artists and usually reaches 5000 customers. All items must be handmade. Each year I meet the nicest people both customers and vendors. Last year, I met two of the nicest people...they touched my heart. I will keep their conversations with me always.

The photo shown are the first few steps in designing my Thought Waves Necklaces. I have many more already finished and packed for Saturday. The Thought Waves Necklace is suppose to reflect the buyers thoughts. It's very cool when you can open your mind to think about it and then get it. So, beadheads what are your thoughts waves?
Come visit me on Saturday...My booth will have To Be Me Jewelry attached to the front!


  1. Good luck Saturday! It sounds like you will have a great time mingling with everyone!!!!

  2. Thanks, Miss Val! I'm just hoping the weather is good. It's going to be stormy here on the east coast Thursday night and into Friday. I only do about three shows a year.