Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Girl's Jewelry Birthday Party

I was asked to do a Girl's Jewelry Birthday Party for 11 girls ages 5 to 8 yrs. old. Thanks to Rena Klingenberg's wonderful advice on I was able pull this off and have loads of fun with these great kids! The favorite colors were pink, blue and purple in this order. I must admit I was fearful of not having enough pink! Today's girls love things that are truly sparkly and bright. I used mostly glass beads and rose quartz hearts/stars. To keep the expense down I used sterling silver plated clasps. Several bead containers were placed on the floor and I had the girls sit in a circle taking serveral minutes to look over the beads. We talked about colors and designing a bracelet. I had the girls pass out the bead boards and pink pouches. It was fun helping them and certainly they did not need much help in designing - they were fantastic and creative! I never had the opportunity to be with a group of little girls. Each one had their own personality starting to emerge. I just adored them and had so much fun. My husband did ask me what's going to happen when they all finish their bracelets at once and come at me with their little bracelets to be finished? They did form a line and waited patiently for their turn. I am amazed at how much the girls enjoyed having this jewelry birthday party!

I took the photo of all the girls finished bracelets. It's truly a friendship photo that will make memories.


  1. I've done these too, and I agree that they're a lot of fun. The little girls amaze me with what they come up with and what they can do!

  2. What an awesome idea!
    How fun to see budding jewelry artists emerge. If you don't mind me asking, how did you manage to come up with a price? Was it per bracelet or an hourly wage?

  3. I'm going to be doing this for my niece's 8th birthday in April. Rena's tips are fantastic so I'm sure the girls will love it! I plan on taking one of these adorable photos as well!

  4. I pretty much took the cue from Rena Klingerberg's website. Although, Rena wrote her little girl's jewelry party advice a few years back I still tried to keep the bracelet party at an affordable price. Rena used gmestones and sterling silver. To keep it affordable in today's economy I used silverplated clasps (first time using silverplate) and glass beads. I kept the bracelet price down to $7.00 ea.

    The enjoyment with the girls is priceless. In a business view the exposure is great for other parties for both little girls and adults. Exposure to my website too!

  5. Hi Miss Val! Yes, Rena's tips are wonderful! The pictures are a hit with the Mom. I give the Mom's some photo's as well. Right now, if you sign up with CVS they give you 50 free photos or just print them o the computer.

    Hey, Miss Val took a look at your website-you are a busy lady! I'm off to join your fan page. Please join mine when you have the time!!!