Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's 2010

I love this hat! This hat was happily created by my son who is challenged. He attends an adult program at Children's Center in NJ. This hat represents so many thoughts to me. It brought me smiles from my son, myself and the staff as they watched him talk to me about it. It also made me think how lucky I am to have my son in my life...just the way he is. Because of him I have been blessed with knowing so many people at the Children's Center. The staff there go beyond their jobs. Their hearts feel the emotions of these young adults. This hat also represents the New Year of 2010 which sadly we will miss a staff member - Kathy who recently passed over. A lovely, intelligent person, Kathy was truly an Angel to the students, staff, and also to the parents. She was a wonderful role model to all. To me, she was Children's Center. Now, in 2010 we must learn to adjust without our Kathy. It will be hard. I know she is now truly an Angel and will watch over us. We will always keep her in our prayers.

I wish to all may you feel the love you need, acquire the wisdom so in your life it can be shared, happiness in your heart and a few more bucks in your wallet! Happy New Year 2010!



  1. I love your wishes to everyone for the New Year! May it be so for all of us.

    I'm sure Kathy is going to be watching over you all. She sounds like a truly wonderful person!

    And your New Year's hat is really very stylish! You and your son are both so lucky!

  2. Yes, that hat is so "chic"...:-)
    Mary Anne, you're so nice! Thanks for your comments.